Liberty Appliance Repair: Certified Technicians for Maintenance and Repair of Home Appliances

About Liberty Appliance Repair

Liberty Appliance Repair was founded in 2017 by Imran Masood, born from a passion deeply rooted in family tradition. Imran's interest in appliance repair was inspired by his father's own involvement in the field. Following his high school graduation, Imran pursued a diploma in appliance repair from Kwantlen College, equipping himself with the necessary skills and knowledge to start his own venture. His dedication and expertise led to the creation of Liberty Appliance Repair.

At Liberty Appliance Repair, we dedicate ourselves to keeping your home appliances running smoothly. Our experienced appliance repair technicians are well-versed in handling a variety of repair and maintenance tasks across a broad spectrum of home appliances. From urgent repairs to routine maintenance, our team ensures that every refrigerator, oven, washer, and dryer works efficiently and reliably.


Micky Jafri


Micky excels in customer service, bringing 15 years of diverse experience from medical assistance to educational supervision. Micky’s journey into customer service began with a passion for helping others and enjoying the flexibility of working from home. Apart from work, Micky loves spending time with her family and taking refreshing walks.

Imran Masood


As our founder with 19 years of experience, Imran has always had a keen interest in appliance and car repair. He leads our technical team with expertise and passion. Off-duty, Imran enjoys playing ice hockey, badminton, and tennis, keeping an active lifestyle.

Jule Millana


Jule is a seasoned technician with over 14 years of experience in appliance repair and HVAC services. His curiosity for fixing things led him to this skilled profession. Beyond his technical expertise, Jule is a passionate basketball fan and enjoys unwinding by watching movies.


Our mission is to provide efficient appliance repair services by combining expert technical skills, a deep-rooted passion for appliance care, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to efficiently resolve appliance issues on the first visit, leveraging advanced technology and personalized service. Our goal is to enhance the functionality and longevity of our customers' appliances, ensuring their homes run smoothly and reliably.

Liberty Appliance Repair offers appliance repair and maintenance services across Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Burnaby, Coquitlam, North Delta, and the surrounding areas.